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  • Release Date06/30/2009
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3.4.6. Program Response to the Benchmark III Review Brief

The program is required to submit a response to the Benchmark III Review Brief within 2 weeks of receiving the brief. The response must include the name and state of the program visited, the program level visited, the name of the commission visitor, and the date of the response.

The program should list each commissioner visit finding and clearly state whether it agrees or disagrees with the finding, correct any errors of fact, and clarify information it thinks may have been incorrectly understood by the commission visitor. Disagreements with the Benchmark III Review Brief visit should be stated clearly, and additional documentation should be provided if necessary.

Information about when the Program’s Response to the Benchmark III Review Brief is due and where it should be sent is on the Timetable for Candidacy—2008 EPAS.

Document Date: June 30, 2009
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