Field Directors' Development Institutes (FDDIs)

A Field Directors' Development Institute (FDDI) is a preconference workshop in which individuals with field education expertise share information for the purpose of enhancing knowledge and skills of field directors as well as faculty involved in field education.

2011 APM Offerings
Thursday, October 27

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Morning Session—9:00 am–12:00

K. Strategies for Developing Comprehensive Gatekeeping Policies: Admissions to Graduation

This FDDI will provide a comprehensive overview of gatekeeping policies to provide social work educators with information to help navigate, evaluate, develop, and improve their own unique gatekeeping strategies. The method of presentation will be didactic and experiential.

FDDI Teachers:
Traci Lilley, Louisiana State University
Elizabeth Routon, Louisiana State University
Margo Abadie, Louisiana State University
Christian Molidor, Louisiana State University
Daphne S. Cain, Louisiana State University

Afternoon Session—1:30 pm–4:30 pm

L. An Integrated Approach to Field Problem Identification and Resolution: From "Cradle to Grave"

Fewer than 10% of students take 90% of our time. The presenters use an integrated approach with Admissions, the registrar, faculty, and community agencies to identify and address troubling behaviors as early as possible, use each experience as a “teachable” moment, and maximize each student’s chance for success.

FDDI Teachers:
Michele Sienkiewicz, University of Denver
Ann Petrila, University of Denver
Karen Bensen, University of Denver