Presenter Requirements

Primary Presenters may submit only one proposal through the call for proposals.

  • No presenters may be listed on more than three (one as primary and two as nonprimary, or three as non-primary) presentations within the complete APM program.
  • In support of keeping the APM as broadly representative of social work educational scholarship and accessible to as many participants as possible, the CCFD endorses the policy of limiting the number of times a participant can be a presenter in a single meeting to three in any given conference, including only one as a primary presenter. This policy has the additional advantage of facilitating transparency in the planning process, as well as making the fixed number of presentation slots available to as many scholars and presenters as possible. While submitters are to be applauded for their productivity, the CCFD cannot make exceptions to the cap on the number of submissions featured per presenter per conference.
  • No presenter may be added after the February 28 submission deadline. No presenter substitutions can occur after February 28, 2011.

Each individual listed on a proposal is expected to attend the APM and is responsible for obtaining individual membership in CSWE (or will qualify for a membership waiver).

  • It is expected that they register for and attend the Annual Program Meeting.
  • Do not list persons on a proposal who will not be in attendance as a presenter, or have not been informed of the requirements of presentation.

This does not preclude adding other names to your final paper (when you submit it for publication in the future), but these names should not be included as presenters in the online system.