Issue 2: February 2, 2012

4 Weeks to Go!

Please encourage your colleagues to submit a proposal for the 2012 Annual Program Meeting in Washington, DC. We need your help to ensure that all 40 Tracks are represented.

All Calls for Proposals Open*

All calls for proposals are now open and will close at 11:59 pm (USA ET) on Monday, February 27

For your reference, we have posted a 2012 APM Proposal Status Report (see below). Tracks that have received at least one proposal are included. This report will be updated and re-posted every 2 weeks, when the new issue of 2012 APM Track Chair News is distributed.

February 13–February 26

Phase 1 Proposal Review Recruitment Cycle
In order to select high quality education sessions, CSWE provides a two-phase blinded peer review process. In the first phase, a pool of reviewers composed of individual CSWE members provides an initial review. Phase 2 reviews are conducted by our Council on Conferences and Faculty Development (CCFD) and Track chairs and cochairs.

A formal call for phase 1 proposal reviewers will be distributed to all CSWE members on Monday, February 13.

Criteria to Serve as a Phase 1 Reviewer
We are seeking a mix of baccalaureate and master’s educators who have:

  • Current individual CSWE membership
    • Full Member: Faculty and Administrators
    • Full Member: Individual
    • Associate Member: Emeritus
  • Expertise in the content areas of up to five selected 2012 APM Tracks
  • Demonstrated ability to critically review proposals
  • Ability to make a firm commitment to be available during the 2-week review phase: Wednesday, March 12 through Wednesday, March 26

The February 13 Call for Proposal Reviewers will include a link to register as a reviewer, along with instructions. Please encourage your CSWE member colleagues to register to serve as a phase 1 proposal reviewers!

March 12–March 26

Phase 1 Proposal Review Cycle
This phase will be conducted by the 150+ CSWE members volunteers who registered as phase 1 proposal reviewers and were eligible to participate.

April 2–April 16

Phase 2 Proposal Review
This stage will be completed by the Track chairs and cochairs April 4–April 18. All Track chairs and cochairs are asked to be available during these weeks to assist with the final proposal review tasks.

*Proposal acceptance decisions will be announced on Friday, April 27, 2012.

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