Military Social Work

Chair: Anthony Hassan
Cochair: Cathleen Lewandowski

Social work with the military, veterans, and their families is re-emerging as an important area of focus for the social work profession. The challenges faced by veterans and their families are relevant to all fields of social work practice (i.e., mental health, school, medical, community, policy, etc). The need for preparation of social workers is greater than in any previous war. This track welcomes abstracts that focus on increasing social work capacity; developing social work competency for the treatment of combat-related mental disorders; promoting military cultural awareness; and improving the health and well-being of veterans, their families, and communities. For example, abstracts might focus on the educational knowledge, skills, and values components of the curriculum; research and innovation from the “battlefield to the clinical setting” and from “clinical trials to the classroom”; and cultural competence. Ultimately, this track is focused on improving the well-being, advancing social and economic justice, and eradicating pressing societal problems for this population, resulting in competent and knowledgeable social workers who can provide evidence-based practices, advocacy, empowerment, and leadership to this complex and culturally diverse military population.