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William Elliott III

Associate Professor | University of Kansas

The recognition of Dr. Willliam Elliott III as the recipient of the Distinguished Recent Contribution to Social Work Education was a unanimous choice of the selection committee for a number of reasons.

His high level of scholarly productivity has been impressive, with 17 publications in 2013 and an average of 10 publications per year over the past 3 years, most in highly regarded journals. His publications have not been empty academic exercises. They have had important effects on social policy. Elliott’s pioneering research in asset accounts for young children has renewed and revitalized the promise of the American Dream.

Dr. Elliott has expanded that dream through his research and promotion, especially for the children of poor and minority families. His work mobilized the Mott Foundation and then Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom to create college savings accounts for San Francisco kindergartners. The United States Department of Education has also cited Elliott’s work in addressing children’s savings and the improvement of educational outcomes for these children.

Dr. Elliott has been the complete scholar. His roles as teacher, role model, mentor, and advocate are clear in the number of students who want to pursue studies under his tutelage. Many of these students have co-authored articles with Elliott as they develop as scholars and researchers. It should be noted that many of these students received awards and all presented papers at national social work conferences or in their primary areas of study.

His scholarly breadth and depth have led some to call Ellliott a “Renaissance man.” His good judgment, personal modesty, good humor, and intellect are well-known. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that the Council on Social Work Education recognizes Dr. William Elliott III as the recipient of the 2014 Distinguished Recent Contributions to Social Work Education Award.

Award: Distinguished Recent Contributions in Social Work Education Award

Citation: William Elliott III is being recognized for his scholarly productivity, pioneering research, and roles as teacher and mentor.