Council on Disability and Persons with Disabilities

The Council on Disability and Persons With Disabilities (CDPD) is a council of the Commission for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice. The council functions to develop social work education resources that are related to issues surrounding disability and the experiences of individuals with disabilities. The council also works to facilitate the full participation of people with disabilities in social work education and is ready to assist in all endeavors related to issues of disability within this field. Finally, the council advocates to include social, political, and economic matters involving disability and individuals with disabilities in the framework of social work education. Read more about CDPD's charge.

New Disability Resources 

In December 2014 a special theme issue in the journal of Sexuality and Disability (Volume 32, Issue 4) addresses The Emerging Intersection of Sexuality and Disability in the Profession of Social Work. It was guest edited by CDPD councilor Joseph A. LoGiudice, and is an extension of CDPD's 2013 CSWE Connect Session, Disability and Sexuality: What Social Workers Should Know.

Click here for access to more CDPD Connect Session resources.

Inaugural Disability Manuscript Award

CDPD congratulates the 2014 winner of the first Disability Manuscript Award, Silviya P. Nikolova (University of Texas at Arlington), and the 2014 Honorable Mention recipients Philip Hong (Loyola University Chicago), Hayley Stokar (Loyola University Chicago), and Sangmi Choi (Soongsil University, Seoul, Korea). The Disability Manuscript Award winner and honorable mention recipients were recognized at the 2014 CDPD Connect Session in Tampa, FL. Read more about the 2014 award winner and honorees.