CRECD Updates

Continuing to support the mission and effort of CSWE through contributions to the Diversity Center, The Learning Academy, and brainstorming needs of the membership body for information on teaching and researching topics on race, ethnicity and cultural diversity.  The CRECD has also initiated an effort focused on the experiences of social work students specifically related to their education and training around race and diversity issues, as well as any experiences of oppression on campus. This study is modeled after a report generated by the Council on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (CSOGIE) (Craig, McInroy, Dentato, Austin, & Messinger, 2015) which reported the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ)  students in social work programs.  
Presentations on cultural topics to CSWE participants:
2015 APM Commission for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice Connect Session: Effecting Change: The Teaching of Anti-Oppressive Techniques
Bronwyn Cross-Denny represented the Council for the Commission’s Connect Session at the 2015 Annual Program Meeting.  This session focused on techniques for anti-oppressive teaching and was experiential.  Other CDSEJ councils were represented in this session.
The CRECD continues to work with the Commission for Diversity and the other Councils to define cultural diversity and the relationship between cultural diversity and the CSWE competencies and seek opportunities for cross-council collaborations.
2016 APM CRECD Connect Session: Addressing the needs of vulnerable populations through Interprofessional Education: Research and practice
Presenters: La Tonya Noël, Michael A. Robinson, Jennifer Shepard Payne and J. Dena Ned
This session discusses Interprofessional collaboration (IPE) issues faced by social workers in practice, research, and teaching. We will offer an opportunity to explore the role of social work in IPE collaborations within various settings to address the needs of underserved or vulnerable groups.
Recognition to those writing on areas within the scope of the council and, in addition, support junior faculty and doctoral scholarship:
The CRECD Award was established to recognize doctoral students and junior faculty with outstanding scholarship in the areas of racial, ethnic, and cultural diversity in social work education.  The council will continue to seek sponsors to assist awardees with travel and conference registration.  The inaugural award was given at APM 2015. Recipients were:  
  1. Junior Faculty Submission:  Justin Lee, Ph.D., and Suzie Weng, Ph.D. Giving Back: Lessons Learned From Refugees and Immigrants.
  2. PhD Student Submission:   Shanna Katz Kattari, Racial Differences in Experiences of Medical Service Discrimination among Transgendered People.
The awards for APM 2016 are:
  1. Junior Faculty Submission:  So-Young Park, The Long-Term Effects of Depression and Suicide Ideation among Asian American Youth.
  2. PhD Student Submission:  Jessica Yang, Race and School Bonding: Implications for School Social Workers. 
Fostering scholarship within the council and disseminating these writing to the general public: 
Robinson, M., Cross-Denny, B., Lee, K.H., Werkmeister Rozas, L.M., & Yamada, A.M. (2016, October 1). Teaching intersectionality: Transforming cultural competence content in social work education. Journal of Social Work Education, 52(4).