Mentor Recognition Fund

As we prepare to teach aspiring social workers in the new academic year, our minds turn to those who taught us as aspiring professionals, guided our career paths, and nurtured our professional development. It is for this reason the CSWE Council on the Role and Status of Women in Social Work Education, more commonly known as the Women’s Council, works to empower women’s voices in our chosen profession.

There are many ways to make women more influential in social work education; one way is by honoring our mentors. We invite you to honor your mentor through the Women’s Council Mentor Recognition Fund. This mentoring project not only recognizes the influence of mentors in the lives of our members, but also helps support the ongoing work of the Women’s Council.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, August 31, 2018.


To nominate a mentor or mentors, please complete the 2018 Women's Council Mentor Recognition Form. You may then submit it with your donation via:

  • e-mail at
  • fax at 1.703.683.8099
  • or mail to Council on Social Work Educaiton Attn: Women's Council Mentor Recognition, 1701 Duke Street, Suite 200, Alexandria VA 22314

2017 Mentor Recognition Project

The following mentors were honored at the 2017 Women's Council Breakfast held at the CSWE Annual Program Meeting in Dallas, TX.

Mentor Protégés
Ann R. Alvarez Antonia R.G. Alvarez, Tammy Kaho`olemana Martin, and David Rothwell
Tricia Bent-Goodley Kamilah Majied
Robin P. Bonifas Cindy Vang and Renee Garbe
Needha Boutté-Queen Grace Loudd
Karin Elliott Brown Raquel Warley
Laura Cardinal Maria Duggan
Monit Cheung Shu Zhou
Brenda Armstrong Clark Saundra H. Starks
Elaine Congress Sandra Turner and Susan Egan
Kathleen Farkas Zoe Breen Wood
Noelle Fields Vivian J. Miller
Edith Fraser Kesslyn Brade Stennis
Johnnie Hamilton-Mason Leah Hart Tennen
Celeste Hawkins Daicia Price
Diane Hodge Denneen Evans
Cathleen Jordan Vikki Vandiver
Dana Grossman Leeman Leah Hart Tennen
Denise McLane-Davison Rhoda Smith
Patrece Meza Jamie Sundvall
Melissa Radey Leah P. Cheatham
Carrie W. Rishel Helen P. Hartnett
Cindy C. Sangalang Cindy Vang
Barbara W. Shank Frances Bernard Kominkiewicz
Jeffrey Shook Karen M. Kolivoski
Sylvia Sims-Gray Daicia Price
Renee Smith - Maddox Stacy E. Kratz
Mary Ann Suppes Frances Bernard Kominkiewicz
Elizabeth Tracy Zoe Breen Wood
Elizabeth Tracy Leigh Taylor
Holly Vugia Tech T. Tran
Allison Werner-Line Maya Doyle
Lisa Whitmer Tiffany Riebel
June Wiley Stacy E. Kratz
Nicole Willis Grace Loudd
Marianne Yoshioka Rhoda Smith