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Commission on Research

Charge From the Board of Directors

The Commission on Research's mission is to advance rigor, relevance, and high ethical standards in the teaching and conduct of research related to social work education. Toward that end, the Commission on Research shall provide leadership in establishing key research priorities for improving social work education, in promoting the scholarship of teaching and learning within social work education, as well as in specifically promoting quality in research curricula across methods and paradigms in BSW, MSW, and doctoral education. The commission is concerned with advocating for research supported policies, practices, and programs within CSWE, helping to build relevant databases that promote innovation in social work education, and with strengthening the connections between social work education-related research and social justice. It will complete its mission in partnership and collaboration with sibling commissions, councils, and task forces within CSWE as well as other social work professional organizations committed to excellence in the science of social work.

The Commission on Research created a graphic (PDF) to explain the commission's charge.

Commission Activities

Bridging the Gap: Designing Social Work Curriculum That Integrates Research and Practice
Abstract from Commission on Research presentation at the 2017 APM
Friday, October 20, 10:30 am-11:30 am
Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Majestic Room 4, Main Hotel, 37th floor

In this session, the Commission on Research explores social work curricula and specializations that position and integrate research as a form of social work practice designed to develop actionable solutions to social problems through engagement with local stakeholders.

   Primary Presenter: Michael Mancini, Saint Louis University
   Presenter: Lorraine Gutierrez, University of Michigan

Practical Ways to Get Students Excited and Involved in the Research Process
Abstract from the panel at the 2017 APM
Friday, October 20, 7:30 am-8:30 am
Sheraton Dallas Hotel, Lone Star C-1, Conference Center, 2nd Floor

Student engagement in research is a social justice issue. Exciting research opportunities are typically not accessible to marginalized students, yet are a strong factor influencing student success. The panel witll present three methods for engaging all students in research activities: community-engaged research, active learning online, and real-world team-based research projects.

   Primary Presenter: Carol Hostetter, Indiana University
   Presenters: Jill Chonody, Boise State University
                        Robert Herman-Smith, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Teaching Research Through the Lens of Social Justice: An Open Dialogue
Abstract from Commission on Research presentation at the 2016 APM

The Commission on Research engaged in an open dialogue with interested attendees about how to more effectively and intentionally teach specific research methods—and discussed the contemporary role of inquiry in social work—through a distinct lens of social justice, human rights, and diversity.

Primary Presenter: Kia J Bentley, Virginia Commonwealth University

  • ​The Commission on Research is working to develop the APM presentation materials into a journal article this spring. A link to the article will be posted here when complete.
​Teaching Research Methods: A Bibliography for Social Workers

   In 2016-2017, the Commission on Research members compiled a bibliography (pdf) on
   teaching research methods as a resource for faculty.  

   A  report (pdf) on the commission's activities during 2016–2017 was submitted to the CSWE 
   Board of Directors in October 2017.