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Council on Global Social Issues

The Council on Global Social Issues is a council of the Commission on Global Social Work Education of CSWE. The specific charges of the council are outlined below:

  • To educate CSWE membership on emerging and existing global and international social issues and their relevance to social work practice through CSWE newsletters and other publications
  • Explore policy implications and identifying teaching issues
  • To contextualize global macro issues, guidelines for local communities, promotion of community guidelines, nontraditional issues
  • Contextualizing global and international issues for global practice and their relevance for local practice


2018–2019 Joint Special Project

The Global Commission and the Council on Global Social Issues received CSWE special project funding to support the development of Transforming Community, an online educational platform for social workers, policy makers, and community-based service providers about the relevance of social work practice in working with refugees. Using a human rights perspective and a relational-cultural lens, the website offers 12 curriculum modules, videos, photographs, and classroom activities focused on current refugee resettlement practices in Germany.
Visit Transforming Community.

Refugee Summit (2017)

Through CSWE special project funding, the Council on Global Social Issues organized a meeting to enhance social workers’ understanding of the ongoing refugee crisis and strategies to prevent such crises from occurring. Project activities included creating a video and organizing a meeting involving leading experts in the field. The meeting, titled Seeking a Safe Haven: Refugee Summit, was held October 2, 2017, at the University of North Texas. The event brought together refugee-assisting agencies, individuals with refugee experience, student organizations, and prominent scholars from various disciplines to develop a critical understanding of the conditions of global refugee populations. The Refugee Summit is an exemplary model of community organizing for refugees, and the video can be used to explore themes such as school social work’s role in the integration of refugee children, sustainable resettlement, and factors that contribute to cultural humility and community receptibility to refugees. Click here to view the video on the forum.

Informational Briefs

International Post Disaster Recovery and Relief: Why Social Work Matters (2016)

In 2016 the Council on Global Social Issues organized a forum on international postdisaster recovery and relief, held at the Sri Lanka Permanent Mission to the United Nations. The forum, titled International Post Disaster Recovery and Relief: Why Social Work Matters, brought together not only leading policy experts on disaster management, but also social work educators and practitioners who were specialized in disaster risk reduction measures. The forum provided participants opportunities for in-depth discussions. These discussions helped social work students understand international disaster recovery and relief management and why social work response is vital to long-term efforts to save lives, alleviate suffering, and maintain human dignity. Click here to view the video from the forum.

Nepal Earthquake Video (2015)

CGSI received special project funding from CSWE to create a video on social work response to the Nepal earthquake of 2015. This collaborative project with the Nepal School of Social Work aimed at educating the CSWE membership about disaster management in post-conflict transition countries such as Nepal. Best practice approaches from Nepal are presented through case studies, digital videos based on narratives of survivors, and social work faculty presentations. Click here to view the video.