Office of the President

Darla Spence Coffey, PhD, MSW

President and Chief Executive Officer
Council on Social Work Education

Sharon Reed

Executive Assistant

Center for Diversity and Social Economic Justice

Government Relations

Julie Jolly Rose

Government Relations Consultant
Lewis-Burke Associates


Amanda Scott

Executive Director

Division of Communications and Marketing

Julie Ackerman Montross

Vice President of Communications & Marketing

Allison Moon

Communications & Marketing Coordinator


Elizabeth Simon

Manager, Publications

Mia Moreno-Hines

Production Editor, JSWE

Division of Education

Jo Ann Regan, PhD, MSW

Vice President of Education

Kamilah Omari

Program Assistant


Megan Fujita, MSW

Associate Director

Sheila Bell

Site Visit Coordinator

Vitali Chamov, MA

Manager, NADD and LADD; Leadership Initiatives; International Degree Review

Katie Gibson, LLMSW-Macro

Accreditation Specialist

Dana K. Harmon, Ph.D., MSW, LICSW

Accreditation Specialist

Anna R. Holster, MSW, MPhil

Accreditation Specialist

Yeimarie Lopez, MSW

Accreditation Specialist

Monica Wylie

Office Manager/Assistant to the Director

Education Initiatives and Research

Andrea Bediako, MPA

Associate Director

Katie Benson, MSW

Research Associate

Julie Rhoads, MSW

International Program Coordinator/Program Associate

Adrienne Walters, MSW

Research Assistant

Member Engagement and Professional Development

Minority Fellowship Program

Sara Daneshmand

Program Assistant

Social Work CAS and Student Initiatives

Division of Finance and Operations

Arminn H. Leopold

Vice President of Finance and Operation

Accounting and Administration

Edward G. Blair

Accounting Manager

Cindy Kranz

Office Services Assistant

Information Technology

Eddie Y. Wong


Frank Feng Li

Systems Administrator/Support

Haitao Lin

Database Administrator/Webmaster
Office: 1.703.519.2051

Meeting and Events

Mary Jo Olsavsky

Meetings Coordinator, BPD and CSWE


Olga D. Jones, MS

Manager, Membership Accounts