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Positioning Your Research and Education Activities

print-no-cover.pngAuthor Lewis-Burke Associates
Title Positioning Your Research and Education Activities to Take Advantage of the Programs in the American Recovery and Reinvestment A
Publisher Council on Social Work Education, Washington, DC
Copyright February 5, 2008
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On February 17, President Barack Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (the economic stimulus package). This legislation includes significant investment in research and education programs at multiple agencies. In some cases, Congressional direction and agency preparations provide good information on how the federal government is likely to implement the bill; in other cases, the agencies are still absorbing the details or waiting on the arrival of new leadership. In general, all agency plans are provisional, until approved by the Office of Management and Budget.

This report provides guidance on what campus leadership and individual faculty can do to position your activities to take advantage of planned or potential programs at agencies that are receiving stimulus funding.

There is also some information on the government-wide processes and reporting that will be required from recipients of funds appropriated in the stimulus legislation. Additional reporting conditions may also be imposed by individual agencies and programs.