AUTHOR Barbara White
TITLE Reconciling the Principles and Vision of a Just Society in the 21st Century:
COPYRIGHT 01/01/2007
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Barbara White’s paper on reconciling the principles and vision of a just society in the 21st century began with Paul Ylvisaker’s definition of social justice and the need to measure social justice from the point of view of the least among us.? The societal tension between individuals and the racial, ethnic, religious groups that make up the United States? society has involved more than values. The emphasis on pluralism and consensual agreements remains a challenge for this evolving democracy, which needs to continue its search for the criterion to measure the existence of equity as justice. She charges the profession and society to assume both a personal and social responsibility if we are to reverse this pattern. In order to reconcile the principles and vision of a just society, social work practitioners and educators must recognize the inherent imperfections of and rediscover the presumptions of equality that are at the heart of the American experiment. This can only be done if we reexamine the altruistic assumptions of the social work profession. She discusses a number of ways that the profession can do this, concluding with her belief that the social work profession can be the voices of social leadership that will inspire the next generation to build a just society in the 21st century.