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Social Work Practice for Social Justice: Cultural Competence in Action


AUTHOR Betty Garcia and Dorothy Van Soest
TITLE Social Work Practice for Social Justice: Cultural Competence in Action
COPYRIGHT January 1, 2006
ISBN 0-87293-124-2

A commitment to promoting social justice for diverse individuals and populations is the foundation for culturally competent social work practice. This book aims to help prepare professional social workers to transform oppressive and unjust systems into nonoppressive and just alternatives. Intended for both undergraduate and graduate courses as a student guide, Social Work Practice for Social Justice is a companion to Garcia and Van Soest’s earlier work, Diversity Education for Social Justice: Mastering Teaching Skills. The authors engage students and stimulate their learning by presenting fundamental concepts that define and elaborate on racism and institutional qualities, oppression, classism, social justice, and social inequities.

"Garcia and Van Soest bring to our attention two major barriers to achieving cultural competence. Through thoughtful discussion and multiple group exercises and personal reflections, they guide us through a process to integrate social justice and cultural competence into our day-to-day practice." —Vivian Jackson, senior policy associate, National Center for Cultural Competence, Georgetown University