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The Narrative Edge in Expert Testimony: A Guide for Social Workers


AUTHOR Ronald K. Bullis
TITLE The Narrative Edge in Expert Testimony: A Guide for Social Workers
ISBN 978-0-87293-135-0

Specifically designed for social work and social science expert witnesses, this guidebook provides evidence-based, accessible, and practical information for successful court appearances including why effective and efficient expert testimony is more important than ever; what is legally necessary to qualify as an "expert" at trial; why neuroscience, social science, and legal research validate the use of narrative testimony; a description of narrative testimony and how it works; how to craft narrative structures for persuasive testimony; how to use metaphor, archetype, and myth for complete and compelling testimony; and a glossary and a state-by-state guide to expert testimony statutes. The author draws on his expertise in social work and the law in this example-packed and insightful guide. By marrying narrative techniques to the context of expert testimony, the book shows social workers how to make their testimony as expert witnesses accurate, persuasive, and effective.

EBook available on ProQuest; available for Kindle on Amazon.