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Advanced Gero Social Work Practice GuideGrandmotherReadingwithGranddaughter.JPG

The Advanced Gero Social Work Practice Guide (Practice Guide) links the gero competencies to select 2008 EPAS practice behaviors common to all social work practice, to knowledge in aging for generalist practice, and to advanced gero knowledge and practice behaviors. The Practice Guide includes the EPAS Gero Curriculum Resource Examples: class exercises, assignments to measure student attainment of gero practice behaviors, and research articles providing evidence-based social work practice.

Several components of the Practice Guide may be viewed and downloaded through the CSWE Gero-Ed Center website:

EPAS Gero Curriculum Resource Examples

  • Assignments/Measurements and Class Exercises: Click on the buttons on the left under Practice Guide to view these resources. 
  • Research Articles: Visit the New York Academy of Aging Social Work Leadership Institute website for Evidence-Based Social Work Practice resources.        

Supporting Documents

The Guidelines and Scales section of this Web page (click on the button in the left navigation bar) contains several documents intended to clarify the relationship between the 2008 CSWE EPAS and the gero competencies, in addition to the various gero competency scales and lists: