Committee on Environmental Justice

The Committee on Environmental Justice was officially launched in February 2015 and is jointly sponsored by the CSWE Commission for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice (CDSEJ) and the CSWE Commission on Global Social Work Education (CGSWE). Many environmental justice issues are intrinsically, and increasingly, connected with social and economic justice issues, which the social work profession has championed since its inception. These issues are global, national, and local in nature. Environmental social work is global in nature and therefore tied to global social work.

The Committee on Environmental Justice will explore the history of “green” social work, current work on environmental social work, and social work practice related to environmental issues. The charge of the committee is to make recommendations to the commissions about the ways in which social work education should consider integrating issues of environmental justice into the social work curriculum. These recommendations will be completed and shared with the commissions and the CSWE community in fall 2016.

The committee is co-chaired by commission representatives Cathryne L. Schmitz (University of North Carolina at Greensboro) and Mary E. Rogge (University of Tennessee at Knoxville).
Members of the committee include:

  • Rachel A. Forbes (member of the CSWE Council on Global Learning, Research, and Practice; University of Denver)
  • Rashmi Gupta (CDSEJ)
  • Jessie C. Kadolph (Virginia Commonwealth University)
  • Craig R. Mosher (Luther College)
  • Meredith C. F. Powers (University of South Carolina)
  • Mary E. Rogge (CGSWE)
  • Cathryne L. Schmitz (CDSEJ)

To learn more about this committee, please contact CSWE staff.