Historically Underrepresented Groups

Historically Underrepresented Groups Statement
Approved by the Commision for Diversity and Social and Economic Justice
October 31, 2013

The discussions of diversity are complicated by variations in the meanings, intentions, and definitions of key concepts. Therefore, the Council on Racial, Ethnic, and Cultural Diversity (CRECD) under the leadership of Sadye Logan recommended the replacement of the term “minority” with “historically underrepresented” when referring to the activities of the CRECD. We believe the term “minority” does not accurately or effectively reflect the groups represented by the work of the CRECD. Historically underrepresented groups implies several things such as the history of oppression, discrimination, power and privilege inequalities, but more effectively and appropriately, includes aggrieved groups, women, GLBT and captures all groups (African Americans/Blacks, Latinos/Latinas, Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders and Native Americans/Alaskan Natives) that are represented by the vision and mission of the CRECD.  The current co-chairs of CRECD encourage all social work educators to consider making this change in their own work. We welcome comments at diversityctr@cswe.org and will summarize responses on the website of the CSWE Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice.  Please send us your comments by December 15, 2013.

Sadye L. M. Logan (University of South Carolina)
CRECD Chair 2007–2011

Ann Marie Yamada (University of Southern California) and Lisa Werkmeister Rozas (University of Connecticut) 
CRECD Co-Chairs 2011–2014