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Mentor Recognition Fund

As we prepare to teach aspiring social workers, our minds turn to those who taught us as aspiring professionals, guided our career paths, and nurtured our professional development. 

There are many ways to make women more influential in social work education; one way is by honoring our mentors. We invite you to honor your mentor through the Women’s Council Mentor Recognition Fund. This mentoring project not only recognizes the influence of mentors in the lives of our members, but also helps support the ongoing work of the Women’s Council.

2019 Mentor Recognition

In October 2019, the Feminist Networking Breakfast (formerly the Women's Council Breakfast) at CSWE's Annual Program Meeting (APM) in Denver, Colorado recognized and celebrated feminist mentors for their contributions to the increased visibility of women in social work education. Honorees received a certificate from their proteges and were listed in the 2019 Feminist Networking Breakfast program. 

Mentor Protege(s)
Laura Abrams Sara Terrana  
Kia Bentley Sarah Kye Price
Marla Berg-Weger Cara Wallace      
Karen Bullock Angela Lavery
Rosalyn Denise Campbell Dashawna Fussell-Ware
Valire Carr Copeland Laurenia Mangum
Jaih Craddock Laurenia Mangum
Mary Ann Drury Matthea Marquart
Jill Duerr Berrick Rebecca Matthew
Nada Elias-Lambert Sarah Robinson
Joy Ernst Lynda Sowbel
Antoinette Farmer Mark Lamar
Ginger Gummelt Lori Wright
Leslie Hasche Angela Lavery
Jenny L. Jones Laurenia Mangum
Y. Joon Choi Abha Rai
Sharvari Karandikar Rebecca McCloskey
Stavroula Kyriakakis Erin Nau
Alice Lieberman Patricia O'Brien
Sandy Magaña Judith Susan Rocha
Susan Mapp Kerri Evans
Matthea Marquart Kristin Garay
Rebecca Chung
Johanna Baez
Kate McClernon-Chaffin Julie Franks
Murali Nair Elise Verdooner
Matthea Marquart
Folusho Otuyelo Tina Atherall
Jennifer Putney Becky Halmo
Jane Roberts Cheryl Hamlin
Anna Scheyett                         Chathapuram Ramanathan
Steven Schinke (posthumously) Matthea Marquart
Kristin Garay                               
Linda Sprague Martinez Kelsi Carolan
Rachel Voth Schrag Sarah Robinson
Marion Wagner Rebecca Coleman
Beth Wahler Stacey Kalima
Marie Watkins Doyle Pruitt
Barbara White (posthumously) Fran Davis
Hyong Yeom Tarek Zidan