Mentor Recognition Fund

As we prepare to teach aspiring social workers in the new academic year, our minds turn to those who taught us as aspiring professionals, guided our career paths, and nurtured our professional development. It is for this reason the CSWE Council on the Role and Status of Women in Social Work Education, more commonly known as the Women’s Council, works to empower women’s voices in our chosen profession.

There are many ways to make women more influential in social work education; one way is by honoring our mentors. We invite you to honor your mentor through the Women’s Council Mentor Recognition Fund. This mentoring project not only recognizes the influence of mentors in the lives of our members, but also helps support the ongoing work of the Women’s Council.

Recognition Process

  • Complete the mentor recognition form.
  • Briefly describe how your mentor contributes to feminist thought, practice, or scholarship and/or the goals and mission of the Women's Council. 
  • Submit your form to by 5:00 pm ET on Friday, September 8, 2017.

Mentors will:

  • receive an invitation to attend the Women’s Council Networking Breakfast held at the CSWE Annual Program Meeting (APM) in Dallas, TX;
  • have their names listed in the 2017 Women’s Council Networking Breakfast program; and
  • receive a certificate of recognition.  

2016 Mentor Recognition Project

The following mentors were honored at the 2016 Women's Council Breakfast.

Mentor Protégés
Frederick Ahearn Jocelyn Clare R. Hermoso
Ramona Beltran Shanna Katz Kattari, Antonia R. G. Alvarez, and Jonah DeChants
L. Diane Bernard Marcie Lazzari
Beverly Black Anh Phuong Nguyen
Carol Bonner Hugo Kamya and Johnnie Hamilton-Mason
Zoe Breen-Wood Amy Korsch-Williams
Theresa Early Stella M Resko
Tonya Edmond Jelena Todic
Kathleen J. Farkas Fran Danis
Kathleen J. Farkas Aviva Vincent
Christina Feliciana Christine Scudder
Catherine R. Gayle Martha Jones Smith
Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella Francine J. Vecchiolla
Ruby Gourdine Tiffany D Baffour
Ruby Gourdine Janice Berry Edwards
Jocelyn Hermoso Christine Scudder
Lynn Jackson Nada Elias-Lambert
Jane Kretzschmar Tanya Voss
Kim Lorber Tammy Smith
Nancy Meyer-Adams T. Alex Washington
Otrude Moyo Jessica K. Camp
Jayashree Nimmagadda Melinda Gushwa
Karen A. Randolph Leah P. Cheatham
Joy Rubin Nancy Meyer-Adams, Judy Green, and Susan Salas
 Anna Maria Santiago Jessica L. Lucero
Martha B. Sawyer Melody G. Brackett
Martha B. Sawyer Deborah A. Riddick
Victoria Stanhope Mimi Choy-Brown and Kendall Atterbury
 Saundra Starks Halaevalu Vakalahi
Elizabeth M. Tracy Nancy A. Amos
Rebecca Turner Halaevalu Vakalahi
Vikki L. Vandiver Allison Curington, Laura Hopson, Sebrena Jackson, Brenda Smith, and Javonda Williams
Francine J. Vecchiolla Lorrie Greenhouse Gardella
Earlie Washington Halaevalu Vakalahi
Arlene Weisz Jessica L. Lucero
Gaynor Yancey Helen Harris and Holly Oxhandler