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The CSWE Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice will host a Faculty Development Institute (FDI) at the 2017 CSWE Annual Program Meeting. FDIs explore how social work educators can address diversity and social and economic justice in the classroom.  The abstracts for the upcoming and past FDIs are listed below.

2017: Facilitating Minority Scholar Career Development: How to Build an Infrastructure for Success
Presented by the CSWE Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice, this FDI is designed for deans and directors, faculty mentors, junior faculty, and doctoral students interested in learning evidence-based strategies to facilitate the early career development of minority scholars, including assessing and strengthening a school’s existing infrastructure.  

2016: Teaching About Equality and Justice: New Paradigms From a Grand Challenge Perspective
Using a Grand Challenges framework for changing the narrative on social problems, this FDI will prepare educators to help students reconceptualize dynamics of social inequality and injustice and apply these new views for a more transformative, evidence-based practice. Presented by the Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice.