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Resources for Infusing Gero in Your Teaching

These resources for infusing gero competencies and content in your teaching were developed by participants in the Curriculum Development Institute Program, GeroRich,EastEuropeanWoman.JPG and SAGE-SW Projects; and other gerontological social work educators.

Download these resources to use in your own teaching, or modify them to fit your needs. If you have a gero teaching resource that you are willing to disseminate on the Gero-Ed Center Website, please send it to:


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Prior to an active listening role-play exercise, students complete a self-reflection assignment regarding their own active (or inactive) listening habits. The class concludes with a discussion about how each student felt during the role-play and the power of active listening i...
Adelphi created teaching modules related to health, mental health and substance use containing PowerPoint slides, case studies, and additional readings. They also created modules for field instructors in non-gero, mental health, and substance use settings.
A syllabus for a course designed to give students a broad overview of theories, issues and approaches in administration of services and programs for elders.
A complete module faculty can use to teach students about the Administration on Aging. Includes lecture notes, classroom exercises, media resources, student background readings, a case vignette, and other teaching resources.
Produced by the ACL, this document provides the background, purpose, and role in person-centered systems of the ADRCs. It also provides facts regarding ADRCs nationwide, options counseling, and care transitions.
An overview of the ADRC Program provided by the ADRC Technical Assistance Exchange (TAE) for a NRCPDS training in May 2010. The document provides the link to the TAE if you wish to explore further.
A short, four-page article in the ASA's journal, Generations, by the author of and based on the National Health Policy Forum Background Paper, ADRCs: Federal & State Efforts to Guide Consumers through the LTSS Maze, also available in these Teaching Infusion Resources.
This undergraduate group project engages students in a needs assessment related to adult education for a local parish and could be infused in required research courses at the generalist level.

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