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2009 Gero-Ed Track


Each year the Gero-Ed Track holds several special events and numerous educational offerings, such as the Gero-Ed Track Kick-Off, the CSWE Gero-Ed Center/AGE-SW Hot Topic Panel, the Anita Rosen Panel Session, and a Career Center Panel on finding a job in aging.

View the 2009 Gero-Ed Track flyer (PDF) to see highlights of our 2009 APM events!

Gero-Ed Track Kick-Off

Torres-GilSummer2006-(1).JPGFernando M. Torres-Gil, director of UCLA's Center for Policy Research on Aging, opened the 2009 Gero-Ed Track with a speech entitled, "Aging and Social Justice: Honoring the Past and Preparing for the Future."

Fernando M. Torres-Gil, director of the University of California, Los Angeles’ (UCLA’s) Center for Policy Research on Aging, led the Gero-Ed Track Kick-Off Event with an address entitled The New Gray Panthers: Recipe for a New Social Movement (MS Word).

The Kick-Off also featured a trailer of the award-winning documentary The Way We Get By. This moving film, which has screened at numerous national and international film festivals and is now playing in select theatres across the country, was shown at the Gero-Ed Film Festival.

CSWE Gero-Ed Center/AGE-SW Hot Topic Panel

Building on the Gero-Ed Track theme of social justice and aging, this panel further explored aging as a social justice issue, particularly how preparing communities for our aging society is a social justice issue. The discussion also examined how communities can better prepare for our aging population.

Anita Rosen Panel Session for Best Practices in Gerontological Infusion

In order to highlight, discuss, and honor the strides that social work programs have made towards infusing gerontological content into their curricula, Anita Rosen funded the Anita Rosen Panel Session for Best Practices in Gerontological Infusion at the CSWE Annual Program Meeting (APM)—an opportunity for faculty and BSW or MSW students to present their perspectives on preparing social work students for working with older adults. For a full description of this event visit the Anita Rosen Panel Session page.

Significant Lifetime Achievement Award in Social Work: Nancy Hooyman

CSWE presented the Significant Lifetime Achievement in Social Work Award to Nancy Hooyman, Co-Principal investigator of the CSWE Gero-Ed Center, at the 2009 APM Opening Ceremony in San Antonio.
CSWE Career Center Panel: Aging Fields High in Demand

 The CSWE Gero-Ed Center hosted the CSWE Career Center Panel entitled Finding a Job: Aging Fields High in Demand. The session featured presentations from gerontological social workers with a variety of backgrounds and experiences. They discussed career options in direct practice with older adults, program management opportunities for working with elders, and what can be done with a doctorate. 

Association for Gerontology Education in Social Work Reception

The annual AGESW Reception was open to everyone interested in networking with colleagues and students in gerontological social work. It presented opportunities for networking, hearing updates from partners of the Geriatric Social Work Initiative, and learning more about the winners of the 2009 CSWE Gero-Ed Center Best Practice Award. 

Gero-Ed Film Festival

The 2009 Film Festival showcased The Way We Get By, a documentary that has won national and international awards. For a full description of this event visit the 2009 Film Festival flyer.

2009 Rosen Panel Presenters 

The three programs selected to present at the 2009 APM on the Anita Rosen Panel for Best Practices in Gerontological Infusion were:

Ball State University, BSW Program
Greta Yoder Slater, Faculty Representative
Andrew Rider, Student Representative
Faculty and Student Presentation (PPT) 

Skidmore College, BSW Program
Crystal Dea Moore, Faculty Representative
Emily Gorbach, Student Representative
Faculty and Student Presentation (PPT)

University of Nebraska at Omaha, BSW/MSW Program
Nancy Kelley-Gillespie, Faculty Representative
Ivory Welbourn, Student Representative
Faculty Presentation (PPT) and Student Presentation (PPT)
Read more in the press release (PDF).
Anita Rosen Gerontology Awards for Outstanding Student Poster
From 2006-2008, Anita Rosen generously funded the Anita Rosen Gerontology Awards for Outstanding Student Poster.