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2010 Gero-Ed Film Festival

The CSWE Gero-Ed Center presented its 5th annual Gero-Ed Film Festival at CSWE's 2010 Annual Program Meeting (APM). Each year this festival highlights films that address aging and intergenerational issues and show positive images of aging.

Audience Choice Award: Gen Silent

Audience Choice Award voters selected Gen Silent as the winner of the 1st annual Audience Choice Award of the Gero-Ed Film Festival. The 60-minute documentary personalizes LGBT elders who—afraid of discrimination in long-term care or health care settings—return to the closet. Gen Silent uncovers how oppression in the years before Stonewall still affects generations of LGBT older adults with feelings of distrust and isolation.
The Audience Choice Award was offered at the 2010 Gero-Ed Film Festival. The winning film was determined by audience scores for content on aging; presentation; technical aspects; whether students would benefit from the film; and the portrayal of positive views of aging; and overall attendance. For information on purchasing Gen Silent for your classroom, check our Purchasing Information (MS Word) document or the Gen Silent FAQ (PDF).

Feature Film: Ten More Good Years

Each year the CSWE Gero-Ed Center selects a film that links with the Gero-Ed Track theme to highlight through a special screening event. Linking with the theme of LGBT aging, Ten More Good Years was the 2010 Feature Film. Ten More Good Years follows four LGBT elders who share inspiring stories of their lives and queer history, shedding light on what it is now and what it will be to grow old and gay in America. For information on purchasing Ten More Good Years, check our Purchasing Information (MS Word) document.

2010 Film Festival Schedule

Download this year's Film Festival schedule (PDF) for a complete listing including film times and summaries.