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PC/PD Competencies/Approach 

Annotated Bibliographies


Case Studies

  • Isolated Veteran - Issues presented to students in this case study include discharge and long-term care planning, isolation, anxiety, and trauma.
  • Individual with a Developmental Disability - Issues: physical and developmental disabilities, family caregiving, ethics, assessment, and advocacy.
  • Young Adult with a TBI - Issues: intergenerational relationships, family care planning, long-term care needs, and cognitive disabilities.


  • The Thin Edge of Dignity - This video explores the experiences of Dr. Richard “Dick” Weinman while living in an assisted living facility. This video eloquently communicates a consumer’s experience, while also providing a useful teaching resource illustrating the lack of self-determination/person-centeredness.
  • PD Overview and Participant Stories - Website link to NRCPDS videos, including stories of 3 participants in various programs: Cash & Counseling, a Participant Direction program, and the Veteran-Directed Home and Community Based Services Program.
  • Introducing Person-Centered Thinking Tools - Website link to videos by Michael Smull