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Click on a category name below to access Partnerships Project resources:

  • ADRCs - Articles and fact sheets providing the background and overview of ADRCs; link to the ADRC Technical Assistance Exchange website.
  • Cash & Counseling - Readings and videos providing an overview, theory, outcomes, and more.
  • Curricular Infusion - Assessing readiness for change, syllabi infusion guidelines, and a sample infused syllabus
  • Disabilities and Mental Health - Websites, articles, and books on intellectual and developmental disabilities, the independent living movement, and mental health.
  • Ethics - Case studies for classroom use; articles and books.
  • Field/Practicum Placements - Templates/samples of interview questions, orientation documents, learning contracts and more.
  • PC/PD Competencies/Approach - Competencies list, bibliography, class readings, videos, and other PC/PD resources.
  • Research to Policy - Two videos supporting translation of research to policy.