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2017 Grantees

The Katherine A. Kendall Institute for International Social Work Education is pleased to announce the recipients of its second cycle of Katherine A. Kendall grants. The Kendall Institute received 36 grant proposals and was impressed by the large number of high-quality proposals. The following top three grantees were selected based on their innovative projects that demonstrated transferability and potential to advance the field of international social work education. The 2017 Katherine A. Kendall Institute grantees are as follows:

Alabama A&M University: Enhancing Minority Student Development Participation Through Collaboration With the United Nations

    Students and faculty from University of Michigan - Flint and University of Fort Hare in South Africa

2017 Kendall Institute grantees from University of Michigan – Flint and

University of Fort Hare in South Africa during their first of two symposiums

University of Michigan-Flint: Global Justice: Social Workers, Breathing Life Into New Possibilities, Integrating Global–Local Thinking About Social Problems to Rebuild Healthy and Vibrant Communities

University of Georgia: Transcending Boundaries: Connecting University of Georgia Social Work Students and Their Grenadian Peers in Virtual and Actual Space

Each program will received a $10,000 grant to complete its project. Resources developed from these projects will be available on the Katherine A. Kendall Institute website after the projects are completed.

Please contact for more information on the Kendall Institute grants.