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2014 CSWE Faculty Development Trip to Costa Rica

File-aspx.jpgIn June 2014, CSWE, in collaboration with the Global Commission, KAKI, and the Council on Global Learning, Research, and Practice organized a social work study tour to Costa Rica. A delegation of 10 social work educators was led by Dennis Ritchie, from George Mason University (VA), who has previously led student study abroad trips to the country.

The CSWE study tour specifically addressed the CostaRicaGroupPhoto.jpgissues of human rights and sustainable development that included lectures about Costa Rican society; a visit to the University of Costa Rica School of Social Work, where participants learned about social work in the Costa Rican context; and a visit with the Costa Rica Association of Social Workers. Other highlights included opportunities to interact with social workers working in geriatrics, public schools, and a national women’s rights organization.

Participants also had the opportunity to visit the Caribbean side of the country to learn about the socioeconomic conditions that adversely affect marginalized indigenous and Afro-descendent communities. There were also opportunities to visit and explore the beaches, waterfalls, and wildlife in the country. Participants found the trip useful for integrating human rights concepts and case studies in their teaching and also for making contacts for organizing future study abroad programs for students.

Costa Rica Participants
Xan Boone, University of Cincinnati
Joy Borah, University of North Alabama
Bronwyn Cross-Denny, Sacred Heart University
Nicole Dubus, Wheelock College
Theresa Early, Ohio State University
Joy Ernst, Hood College
Nancy Francisco Stewart, Jacksonville State University
Dorlisa Minnick, Shippensburg University
Donald Mowry, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Tanya Voss, University of Texas-Austin