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CSWE Gathers Information to Support the Global Agenda


As the Global Observatory (or data clearinghouse) for the North American and Caribbean Region, the Council on Social Work Education collects resources in support of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. We are gathering information regarding the third Global Agenda theme, Community and Environmental Sustainability. We would appreciate your help in accomplishing this task.

Information is being sought from several sources: (1) representatives from the North American and Caribbean chapters of the International Federation of Social Workers, International Association of Schools of Social Work, and International Council on Social Welfare; (2)  representatives of the National Association of Social Workers (US) and the Canadian Association of Social Workers; (3) members of the Council on Social Work Education, the Canadian Association for Social Work Education and the Association of Caribbean Social Work Educators; and (4) other civil society organizations that promote social work and social development.

A similar exercise was conducted in 2015 for the second Global Agenda theme, Promoting the Dignity and Worth of People. For this year’s theme, we want to capture the efforts being made to promote community and environmental sustainability in teaching, research, and practice. Definitions and examples of environmental justice developed by the National Association of Social Workers can be found here.

By completing a brief questionnaire, you will help us produce a robust report on how colleagues in the North American and Caribbean Region are promoting community and environmental sustainability. The questionnaire includes short-answer questions and the opportunity to provide examples of resources, research, practice, and case studies to support your responses. You may provide a wide range of resources, including publications; syllabi; YouTube videos; films; and documentation from rallies, protests, and town hall meetings. Your participation will make your work more visible across the globe.

Click here to access the data collection questionnaire.

The survey will close on Wednesday, November 1. Printed surveys and large files can be submitted by fax (1-703-683-8099) or via email (

The information obtained will be used to prepare a report, which will be shared through the publication of a SAGE supplement and at the next international Social Work and Social Development Conference in Dublin, Ireland, in 2018.