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CSWE Gathers Information to Support the Global Agenda


The Council on Social Work Education (US) has been selected to serve as the Global Observatory (or data clearinghouse) for the North American and Caribbean Region to collect resources in support of the Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development. Information will be gathered regarding Global Agenda Item 2, Promoting the Dignity and Worth of a Person. Representatives from the Canadian, Caribbean, and U.S. chapters of the International Federation of Social Workers, International Association of Schools of Social Work, and International Council on Social Welfare, along with the National Association of Social Workers (US), Canadian Association of Social Work, Canadian Association for Social Work Education, Association of Caribbean Social Work Educators, and other civil society organizations also will be supplying information. To help with this effort, please use this survey to submit your contributions to the Global Agenda. Surveys are due October 31, 2015. Printed surveys and large files can also be submitted by fax to +1.703.683.8099 and electronically to