John Cocco

First Year Fellow

John Cocco is a doctoral student at Indiana University. He completed an undergraduate degree in history at Wittenberg University and a master’s of social work at Indiana University. Mr. Cocco is currently a licensed mental health and substance use disorders therapist working with HIV-positive individuals and individuals in the criminal justice system. He has past work experience in the field of mental health and substance use disorders in addition to working with those returning to the community after incarceration. Mr. Cocco’s research is focused on implementing and evaluating the efficacy of group intervention that helps people recover from trauma using their own understanding of spirituality and on adapting current interventions for use with formerly incarcerated individuals. After completing his doctoral degree, Mr. Cocco would like to develop and implement evidence-based interventions to help people successfully return to the community after incarceration as well as advocate for policy changes to end mass incarceration and improve the prospects for people with criminal backgrounds. He is a licensed social worker in the state of Indiana.