2009 Carl A. Scott Book Scholarship Winners

The Carl A. Scott Memorial Fund is pleased to announce the two recipients of its 2009-2010 book scholarships.

Nafessa Kassim

Nafessa Kassim is in her final year of the MSW program at the Columbia University School of Social Work. She is noted for her academic strength and dedication, enthusiasm, and high motivation. Her academic interests in the social work field include an interest in the judicial system. An understanding of the law and individual rights will advance her goal of advocating for and empowering individuals.

She currently holds an internship with Phipps Community Development Corporation, Division of Adult and Family Services Department, where she provides direct service including programming and advocacy. Previously she was an American India Foundation Service Corps Fellow in India working with HIV-positive women in a high poverty community. She has brought character and creativity to these and other roles. Her achievements in her graduate school, nonprofit internships, and work experience position her to advocate for marginalized communities in clinical work, as well as in policy and program development.

Victor Ortiz

Victor Ortiz, a MSW student at Simmons College School of Social Work in Boston, MA, comes with an impressive record. He received Dean’s list recognition and the Anna Maria College Community Service Scholarship while attending the BSW program at Anna Maria College. His academic and career focus has been related to mental health and substance abuse issues, with the goal of assisting and advocating for people to receive equal access to resources that will improve their lives.

He has shown excellence in interpersonal and facilitation skills. His ability to engage people has been an asset to organizations and key to positive client relationships. He has led efforts toward cultural competency both in his workplace and in service provision. Respected for his hard work, leadership, and integrity, Victor Ortiz is prepared to use his educational endeavors to enhance his professional approach and further expand his knowledge base to better serve those in need.