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2015 Carl A. Scott Book Scholarship Winners

Christian Glover

Christian Glover is an MSW student at California State University, Long Beach. Her internship experience includes a case manager position at Pomona College, where Christian provided personal and academic counseling to students with mental health concerns. Her current internship is at Peace Over Violence, a nonprofit organization that supports survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Christian is receiving training as a Certified Crisis Counselor and will begin providing individual and group therapy to clients and working on the crisis hotline after training is completed. Prior to enrollment in the MSW program she worked as a behavioral therapist for children and adults with autism.

Christian’s social work career interests include working with survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. She would also like to do policy work that gives more visibility and support to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

Engy Hanna

Engy Hanna is an MSW student at Columbia University. Her first year internship was at the Bronx Studio School of Writers and Artists. Engy managed a caseload of nine students from grades 7 to 9, providing counseling on various issues ranging from physical and sexual abuse and living in unstable households and dangerous neighborhoods to struggling with learning disabilities. Her current internship is at Lincoln Medical Center’s Department of Social Work in the Bronx. Engy works in the Medical Center’s Mobile Crisis Unit with other social workers providing psychosocial services to a community of predominantly Black and Latino clients.

Engy’s social work career interest is to better understand and help women who have been violently oppressed by family or community misogynistic cultural values embedded in everyday life.