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2017 Carl A. Scott Book Scholarship Winners

Deborah Danbee Kim

Deborah Danbee Kim is an MSW student at the University of Chicago. Her decision to pursue graduate school was inspired by the relationships she formed while working with court-involved young people in the West Side of Chicago. During her first year, she completed her field placement at R CITY, where she developed curriculum for after school arts programming and a communications platform for fundraising endeavors.

In her second-year placement, Deb will work with Chicago Freedom School, where she will help develop training and educational opportunities for young people of color to cultivate leadership skills through civic action and study of social movements. Deb is also a visual artist and a firm believer that the arts can animate visions of hope and healing. She wants to continue using the arts to work with young people facing intersecting layers of marginalization.

Raven Jones

Raven Jones is an MSW student at The University of Michigan School of Social Work. Before entering the MSW program, Raven worked as a Reading Co-Teacher at KIPP Columbus Elementary. She is also a Teach for America 2012 Detroit Alumni.

For field placement, Raven served as an Evaluation Coordinator for the Chicago Freedom School where she coordinated the youth-led participatory evaluation team. She also served at the Detroit Initiative where she and fellow interns developed STEM programs at Delray Neighborhood House. Raven’s social work interests are working with youth to teach them leadership skills to become change agents in their communities.