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2018 Carl A. Scott Book Scholarship Winners


Amy Marie Kerrigan

Ms. Kerrigan is seeking a master’s degree in social work from Columbia University’s School of Social Work in New York, NY. Her first-year internship was at SelfHelp Community Services in Flushing, NY.  SelfHelp provides affordable housing for low-income individuals and couples who are over the age of 62. Ms. Kerrigan worked with clients to assist them in applying and renewing for public benefits such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Section 8 housing, Medicare, and Medicaid.  She also met with clients weekly in their homes to provide them with supportive counseling. 

This school year, Ms. Kerrigan began interning with the Federal Defenders of New York in the Eastern District. She will be working with public defense attorneys to provide mitigation reports, visits, and support for their clients through their experience in the criminal justice system. Ms. Kerrigan is working toward her MSW from Columbia University’s School of Social Work in May 2019. She would like to continue doing defense-based work in the criminal justice system after she graduates.


José Cañas

Mr. Cañas is a senior in the bachelor of social work program at Fayetteville State University in Fayetteville, NC. As a soldier and senior leader in the U.S. Army, his experiences included soldier and family issues pertaining to domestic violence, variants of substance abuse, child welfare concerns, combat deployments, and mental health issues, to name a few.

Mr. Cañas has been a volunteer at the Cumberland County Dispute Resolution Center (CCDRC) since January 2017. The center provides mediation as directed by a North Carolina General Statute, which requires that all court-referred cases attempt mediation. His duties include participating in court hearings and supporting the in-take process that directly leads to mediation. CCDRC also facilitates the Cumberland County Teen Court program that helps bring diversity, accountability, and responsibility to the juvenile justice system. Mr. Cañas plans to attend state-certified mediation training during the fall 2018 semester so he can fully participate in client mediation.