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Current CSWE Scholars

Helen Petracchi
University of Pittsburgh
Joint Research Task Force on EPAS Scholar


The Joint Research Task Force is comprised of members of the Commission on Research, Commission on Educational Policy, and Commission on Accreditation. The Task Force goal is to advance the science of social work accreditation by working to increase the evidence base and better articulate the theoretical base of educational policies and accreditation standards for baccalaureate and master’s social work programs. Dr. Petracchi will be working with the Task Force to focus on best practices or models in field education/internship experience across disciplines and their connection to social work standards, the history and development of field education standards, and how programs have changed (or not changed) field in response to the EPAS. Dr. Petracchi has extensive experience with social work education research, especially on the topics of distance education, accreditation standards, and service learning. She is an associate professor at the School of Social Work at the University of Pittsburgh.  ​

If you are interested in the Scholars Program, please see the main page or contact the Program Officer, Jessica Holmes, for more information.