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Multiple Chronic Conditions

Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC)

Persons with MCC, including physical conditions (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, cancer, HIV) and mental and cognitive disorders (e.g., substance addiction, chronic anxiety, ongoing depression, dementia) account for almost one-third of the U.S. patient population and two-thirds of U.S. health-care spending. Understanding the complex contextual factors affecting a person's health; advocating for person-driven, goal-directed care; and encouraging self-management of MCC are some of the current challenges facing social work and other physical and behavioral health professions. 

Teaching and Learning Resources from CSWE Members

CSWE is collecting sample curricula to educate social work students about working with individuals with MCC. If you would like to add your curricula/materials to this list, please e-mail

  • Xavier University developed an annual interdisciplinary teaming symposium that invites students from social work, counseling, health services administration, nursing, occupational therapy, and psychology to address MCC using a mock treatment team approach.

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