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Model EBP and EST Syllabi

Model EBP and EST Syllabi

This webpage does not purport to contain all evidence-based practice (EBP) and evidence-supported treatments (EST) syllabi in use in social work, nor even a large proportion. We wanted merely to make a start and we hope that the materials are useful for social work educators struggling to integrate EBP into their curricula. Please feel free to send us other syllabi and we will consider incorporating them into the website; e-mail syllabi to Jessica Holmes.*

Background on Syllabi

Model EBP Syllabi

Model EST Syllabi

*Many thanks to all the faculty members who provided the syllabi. Also, many thanks to Aron Shlonsky (University of Toronto) and Danielle Parrish (University of Texas at Austin) of the Austin Initiative for collecting and reviewing the syllabi and writing the associated material.