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Curriculum Work Group

A curriculum work group was formed by the Coalition for Policy Education and Practice in Social Work with the purpose of identifying gaps in social social work curriculum and bring together a group of faculty to find or create resources, such as syllabi, class activities, case studies, and assessment tools to enhance the effective teaching of social welfare policy within the social work curriculum.

The work group sent out a call for creative teaching modules and materials to the CSWE membership to collect solicit syllabi, exercises, assignments, or learning projects that have been found to be effective in teaching social policy and social justice at all levels of the curriculum. The work group also conducted a series of faculty interviews with colleagues who teach social welfare policy and other non-policy centric courses in schools and departments of social work around the country. Faculty who teach social welfare policy were asked to share their ideas, insights and feedback on existing curriculum and pedagogy and where they discern gaps.

Work Group Members

Miguel Ferguson - OfCourse!
Yolanda Padilla - Director of the CSWE Center for Diversity and Social & Economic Justice; University of Texas at Austin
Carolyn Peabody - Stony Brook University
Susan Roll - California State University, Chico
Sunny Harris Rome - George Mason University


The work group created a Bibliography of Articles on Teaching Policy. This document contains selected articles they received from their call for materials and interviews. The teaching strategies listed in this bibliography will be placed in the policy clearinghouse.