In partnership with the Special Commission to Advance Macro Practice in Social Work Education and the Network for Social Work Management (NWSM), the Council on Social Work Education is developing the Specialized Practice Curricular Guide to Macro Social Work Practice. This publications will be part of the 2015 EPAS Curricular Guide Resource Series, a group of booklets describing the knowledge, values, skills, and cognitive and affective processes that help define each of the nine social work competencies for specialized practice.

This guide is currently being developed and is scheduled to be available in April 2018. 

Steering Committee Members

Darlyne Bailey
Terry Mizrahi
Jo Ann Regan
Adrienne Walters

Policy Representatives
Mimi Abramovitz
Linda Plitt Donaldson
Suzanne Pritzker
Sunny Harris Rome

NWSM Representatives
Michalle Mor Barack
Amy Cohen-Callow
Bruce Friedman
Karen Hopkins

ACOSA Representatives
Shane Brady
Tracy Soska
Mary Ohmer
Jennifer Zelnick

Joyce James
Kimberly Richards


A 63-member task force has been gathered to develop the guide. Its members will contribute their expertise in macro social work with particular attention to policy, community practice, or management/administration.