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Written Evaluation

You must submit a written evaluation for each CE session you attend in order to receive credit for that session. Please follow these instructions carefully to complete and submit evaluations to CSWE.

Download evaluation forms for the CE sessions you attend (printed evaluations are not available on-site). You can download evaluations one of two ways:

  1. 2016 APM Mobile App (available through your mobile device). 
    • Locate your CE session in the app and download the evaluation form from the section called “Handouts”.
  2. Download a full report of CE evaluations here
    • Select only those evaluations you need to complete during printing. 

Complete each evaluation form.

You have three options for returning the evaluation forms to CSWE:

  1. Mail the forms to CSWE at 1701 Duke St., Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314.
  2. Scan and e-mail the forms to
  3. Fax the forms to +1.703.683.8493.

The deadline to submit evaluations is Friday, January 27, 2017. CSWE staff will e-mail CE certificates within a month of receiving completed evaluations.