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Evidence-Based Practice

Chair: Joanne Yaffe (University of Utah)
APM Assignment: 2016–2018

Co-chair: Mary Lehman Held (University of Tennessee at Knoxville)
APM Assignment: 2015–2017

This track builds on the presentations and recommendations of the Symposium on Improving the Teaching of Evidence-Based Practice held in October 2006 in Austin, TX. The track covers the following themes:

  1. Issues in how best to define evidence-based practice (EBP)
  2. Improving the teaching of EBP
  3. Improving the implementation and teaching/learning of EBP in field placements
  4. Translating evidence-based practices into community agencies
  5. Improving school–agency partnerships regarding EBP
  6. Improving agency support and resources for EBP
  7. Curriculum strategies for teaching EBP
  8. Problem-based learning and EBP
  9. Correcting misconceptions about EBP and overcoming resistance to EBP
  10. Demonstrations of effective EBP teaching approaches
  11. Model syllabi for teaching EBP across various curriculum sequences
  12. Teaching EBP at the BSW, MSW, and doctoral levels
  13. Research studies on issues in EBP in social work education
  14. Faculty (classroom and field) professional development in EBP