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Feminist Scholarship

Chair: Leslie E. Tower (West Virginia University)
APM Assignment: 2017–2019

Co-chair: Eugenia Weiss (University of Southern California)
APM Assignment: 20172019

This Track focuses on feminist scholarship and/or topics of concern to women such as feminist theory, research methods, and educational and practice perspectives. Possible topics include innovative and effective social work practices and educational models, histories of women in social work practice and education, strategies to address intersecting diversities, efforts to increase the presence of underrepresented populations at all levels of social work education, application of feminist theory and methods to diverse populations, and exploration of global contexts for women’s participation in social work practice and education. The Track supports descriptions of innovations in feminist-informed program development, research, administration, and leadership as they relate to diverse female populations and strategies advancing the profession’s commitments to social justice and equality in relation to women clients, students, faculty, and/or staff members. The Track also addresses socio-structural, political, economic, and/or cultural dimensions of women’s lives.