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Immigrants, Refugees, and Displaced Populations

Chair: Lin Fang (University of Toronto)  
APM Assignment: 2017-2019

Co-chair: Nairruti Jani (Florida Gulf Coast University)
APM Assignment: 2017-2019

The range of opportunities offered across the globe as well as traumas caused by war, revolutions, famine, terrorism, and economic difficulties have prompted the movement of thousands of people who have left their homes, migrating either across regions or across borders. Nations are faced with developing policies and programs to accommodate these waves of migration. Countries losing citizens must adapt to the drains on their respective workforces. Movements of people also provide unanticipated opportunities to nations that accept newcomers, many of whom bring substantial human capital. With special focus on the United States, this Track addresses (1) the experiences of immigrants, refugees, and displaced persons; (2) the social, economic, and political effects on the receiving nation; and (3) the effects of the immigrants' departures on their countries of origin. This Track covers theory, practice, and research that presents educators with the resources to provide social work students with an understanding of human migration and the skills to deliver services at all levels of intervention.