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Social and Economic Justice

Chair: David Pate (University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee)
APM Assignment: 2014-2017

Co-chair: Michael A. Robinson (University of Georgia)
APM Assignment: 2016–2018

The Social and Economic Justice Track examines the attributes, theories, models, and practices that foster social and economic justice, particularly as it relates to issues of oppression, diversity, and ethical practice. The profession’s stance on social and economic justice has been subject to tension prompted by outside forces and even from within social work education. There have been questions regarding the actual implementation of social and economic justice in the profession and social work education. Additional concerns have been raised as to how these principles are implemented in the classroom and social work research. As an organizing principle of the social work profession, an ongoing and critical examination of social and economic justice within and beyond social work education is necessary. Therefore, historical and contemporary examinations of social and economic justice are highlighted, along with the implications for social work education, practice, and research. Social and economic justice across practice methods and within local, national, and international communities are encouraged.