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Technology in Social Work Education and Practice

Chair:  Melanie Sage (University at Buffalo–SUNY)
APM Assignment: 2015–2017

Co-chair: Carla Sofka (Siena College)
APM Assignment: 2016–2018

This Track encourages innovations in the use of a broad range of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in education and practice. For educational topics there is special interest in (1) the effectiveness of blended or hybrid learning, using multiple technologies (e.g., interactive video and online media) in delivering courses and programs; (2) lessons learned from the evaluations of multiple courses or programs over time; (3) empirical findings that address questions about which social work content can be delivered most effectively by different media (face-to-face, interactive video, online media, etc.); (4) how theory, methods, and skills are being taught in social work courses (particularly policy and practice) and programs using ICTs; and (5) which policies and practices are being developed and/or are needed to support the use of ICTs in social work education. In terms of practice topics there is special interest in studies of (1) the use and effectiveness of ICTs for social policy in social work practice, (2) the implementation and effectiveness of electronic patient/client records, and (3) policy and practice issues related to online clinical social work applications. Other topics related to ICTs in social work education and practice will be considered, particularly with a focus on promoting sustainability through the use of technology in social work education and practice.