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Skills Workshop

Skills Workshop sessions are 60 minutes in length.

  • These workshops teach a specific skill needed by practitioners and educators and include one or more exercises that let attendees practice using this new skill.
  • The proposal should include a detailed discussion of why this skill is important, how the presenter will teach the skill within a short time frame, and how the presenter will enable attendees to learn more after the session.
  • This session differs from a preconference development institute in that it takes place during the conference, is significantly shorter in length, does not allow for as much breadth or depth in exploring the topic, and may be presented by someone with less facilitation experience than is expected for the preconference workshops.
  • Skills Workshops may take many forms, but each will include an overview of a new skill or technique and a hands-on practice opportunity. Examples of hands-on practice include role-playing, interviewing techniques, working through an analysis with sample data, or creating a short presentation illustrating key concepts. Attendees should be ready to get involved as these sessions are not passive, but rather active opportunities for learning.