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Think Tank

Think Tank sessions are 60 minutes in length. 

They focus on a single issue or question.

  • A chairperson orients attendees to the issue/question and its relevant context.
    • Once the issue or question is framed by the chair, it may be supplemented by very short presentations by other facilitators describing different aspects of the issue.
    • Attendees will break into small groups to explore the issue or question. Discussion is facilitated either by a designated person at each table or by one or more facilitators guiding the whole group.
    • After group discussion, the chairperson reconvenes attendees to identify what has been learned and/or next steps in an action-based process.
  • The proposal should succinctly identify the question or issue to be addressed, the relevant contextual factors, and the roles of the individual breakout groups (Will they each address the overall issue/question or a particular facet? Will they examine the issue/question from a particular viewpoint?). If the group is small, the discussion may take place among the group as a whole rather than in break-out groups.