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Issue 2: February 9, 2015

Just 7 Days to Go!

Please encourage your colleagues to submit a proposal for the 2015 Annual Program Meeting in Denver, Colorado. We need your help to ensure that all 40 Tracks are represented.

All Calls for Proposals Open*

All calls for proposals are now open and will close at 11:59 pm (USA ET) on Monday, February 16.

For your reference, we have posted a 2015 APM Proposal Status Report (see below). Of the 40 tracks, 39 have received at least one proposal.

February 11

Phase 1 Proposal Review Recruitment Cycle

To ensure selection of high quality educational sessions for the APM, the peer-reviewed proposals undergo a two-phase evaluation process. In the first phase a pool of reviewers composed of individual CSWE members provides an initial assessment. Phase 2 reviews are conducted by the 40 track chairs and co-chairs. Their recommendations are forwarded to the Council on Conferences and Faculty Development (CCFD) for final decisions.

Criteria to Serve as a Reviewer

We are seeking a mix of baccalaureate and master’s educators who have

  • Active individual CSWE membership in one of the following categories
    • Full Member: Faculty and Administrators
    • Full Member: Individual
    • Associate Member: Emeritus
  • Expertise in the content areas of up to three selected 2015 APM Tracks
  • Demonstrated ability to critically review proposals
  • Ability to make a firm commitment to be available during the 2-week review phase: Monday, February 23 through Sunday, March 8

Please encourage your CSWE member colleagues to register to serve as Phase 1 proposal reviewers! A formal call for phase 1 proposal reviewers will be distributed to eligible CSWE members on Wednesday, February 11.

February 18

Phase 1 Proposal Review Preparation

CSWE staff will report the names of the CSWE member proposal reviewers to track chairs and co-chairs, enabling them to recruit additional reviewers.

February 23–March 8

Phase 1 Proposal Review Cycle

This phase will be conducted by CSWE member volunteers who registered as Phase 1 proposal reviewers and are eligible to participate.

March 16–29

Phase 2 Proposal Review

This stage will be completed by the Track chairs and co-chairs from March 16–29. All Track chairs and co-chairs are asked to be available during these weeks to assist with the final proposal review tasks.

*Proposal acceptance decisions will be announced on Friday, April 10, 2015.