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APM Track Chair and Co-Chair Job Description


The track chair is assigned by and reports directly to the CSWE Council on Conferences and Faculty Development (CCFD). The assignment role is part of the Annual Program Meeting (APM) operations managed by the CCFD. Tracks are content areas for APM educational programming.

Assignment Term

The track chair and co-chair serve a 3-year term and have the option of a one term extension.

Criteria for Assignment

In addition to the general criteria for assignment listed above, this individual must maintain active CSWE membership as part of the CSWE Volunteer Membership Policy. He/she must also demonstrate knowledge of the proposal review process and the willingness to commit time and energy to the responsibilities listed below, as well as meet all deadlines set by the CCFD.


The track chair is responsible, along with his/her co-chair, for successfully addressing the functions and management of the track operations. These responsibilities include:

  1. Facilitate anonymous, transparent reviews of submissions assigned to the track
  2. Contribute to APM programming and coordination. This includes serving as a primary vehicle for organizing and sponsoring APM sessions—either by soliciting presentations or refereeing submitted proposals—and providing cohesion to and a vehicle for a natural clustering of similar topics for the APM program.
  3. Increase track visibility
  4. Update CSWE on new and innovative topics in the track’s field and scope
  5. Meet all CSWE deadlines
  6. Ensure that Phase 1 reviewers are current members of CSWE
  7. Hold a business meeting at the APM
  8. Implement a succession plan for track leadership


  1. The primary tool for communications to track chairs and co-chairs will be the Track Chair Newsletter.
  2. The track chair will serve as the primary contact for all communications to and from CSWE.
  3. In the event that different directions are given from a chair and co-chair to CSWE, the direction of the chair will be followed.
  4. Questions may be directed to at any time.